Automating Inspection Processes

Most of large companies providing services addressed to end users have inspection processes to ensure the quality and effectiveness of services delivered.

This responsibility is very common in official organizations that depend on government (Local, Regional or State) and in companies that provide public resources such as water supply, energy, communications and roadways.

For over than a decade, Better Consultants has consolidated a strong experience on these processes that are customer-centric and strongly rely on the use of electronic files and records.
In this particular field, we have defined, developed and implemented the “Inspection Process System” that tracks the licenses of works, construction and use of public space in Barcelona. It is currently implemented in most of the districts of the city.

The new electronic Inspection Process System was initially deployed at district level, and months later extended to Central Legal Services staff and Guardia Urbana of Barcelona.

Key Factors

Paperless electronic record: all documentation is processed by the system , application, as well as firms that are performed, reducing the generation of paper documents to minimum cases as may be necessary notifications by letter.

It supports  the inspection of licenses for activities, works, and other uses of public space.

Complete lifecycle management of electronics records, from record creation to archiving. It supports both legality restitution orders and disciplinary procedures.

Fines management and settlement of collection.

Standardization of inspections and reportable events, using mobility devices (PDA) and guidance tools that help in the execution and documentation of inspections. All necessary data can be retrieved online from the inspection site.

Automatic proposal of specific actions that inspectors should follow,  based on the violations detected, in order to harmonize the procedures to take in each case

Process flow scheduled using BPM tools and automatic distribution of tasks between the different profiles of managers.