Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO approach

Our approach to the Project Management Office (PMO) provides an end to end vision including:

  • Project Management Center
  • Competence Center at the business process level
  • Control Center of the Organization for the implementation of the new processes.

These three lines provide full coverage to the management functions life cycle of project management, project portfolio and support the implementation of the Master Plan.


Key success factors

Our firm specializes in securing key success factors for effective implementation of the PMO:


  • Ensure that all projects under supervision are progressing adequately under the terms and conditions set out for each of them.
  • Ensure the accomplishment of quality standards and compliance requirements, as well and managing and correcting potential risks of the projects under supervision.
  • Ensure that projects meet the goals and expectations

Our approach of the Project Office provides a complete vision, which gives full coverage to the lifecycle projects management, management of project portfolio and support for the execution of the Master Plan.


The Project Management Office has the challenge of getting projects progressing a synchronized manner, sharing data and milestones and exchanging all the relevanta data among projects.

PMO context

The PMO is organized around four basic structures of information:


  • The master plan, which is developed by the PMO itself, and it is included in the scope of our collaboration.
  • Resource management required to successfully Master Plan.
  • Resources and project dependency matrix
  • Economic impact of projects.

The PMO has the challenge of ensuring that all monitored projects and progressing synchronously, and that are satisfactorily sharing information or data exchanges necessary that respond to the priorities.

Likewise, the PMO acts as a competence center in the field of project supervision and business skills to lead implementation of new processes and procedures.