New Competence Center in Digital Consumer Finance

Digital contracting of consumer loans is a critical process in financial institutions committed to offer excellent service and user experience to their current and potential clients.

This contracting process is supported by three main pillars: faithfully guaranteeing the remote identification of loan applicants, speeding up the risk assessment and formalization of operations, and ensuring compliance with the maximum legal guarantees for all those involved.

Our competence center in Digital Consumer Finance is endorsed by our large experience of over 30 years collaborating with the main IBEX banks in optimizing their loan contracting circuits. Our added value proposal includes the following key factors:

The design and implementation of digital credit contracting gateways, connected with specialized video calling services, behavior analysis,  web scraping and digital signature through trusted third parties.

The availability of software modules and services that solve critical aspects of the process, such as the management of guarantees and coverage, the orchestration of heterogeneous components, and the preparation of electronic contracts with the clauses that apply in each case. 

Our pragmatism in the use of technology, our comprehensive know-how and our commitment to client service are reflected in the important digital transformation initiatives that we are successfully undertaking in the main finantial institutions.