About us


Firm of consultancy and information technology services, founded in 1989 by a group of business management and IT professionals, with wide experience and recognition among Spain’s main organizations and companies

Who we are

Consultants with vocational commitment to the continuous improvement of information systems and business processes in large organizations.

We design, build and start up information systems featuring high-level, proven technology, aligning available technology potential with the business approach and user experience of our clients.

We are specialized in organizations with intensive use of information technology, in main industry sectors: Banking, Insurance, Public Administration, Manufacturing and Utilities.

Better Consultants is the most reasonable choice to:


Establish maximum quality customer service systems

Distinguish between the essential and the accessory

Implement agile work methods and styles

Use technology realistically

Determine what should be done and then do it!

Transform projects into realities

Drive enthusiasm and the will to serve