Accident Interface for Insurance Companies

Our Firm has developed an advanced accident management software used by Police officers to complete data collection forms and prepare the official attestation in urban areas.

In case of a crash, Police officers document the specific circumstances and collect data of the involved vehicles. More particularly, they proceed gathering all details related to the accident, declarations of involved persons or witnesses. Also, they prepare a sketch and write their opinion on potential liabilities. In the event of personal injuries, victims or law infringement, they create an official attestation document.

All parties involved in the resolution of an accident (insurers, brokerages, lawyers, drivers, car owners, people affected by accident) are allowed to request this report.

This information is very valuable, because if, for instance, a car rental company inquires the vehicle status in real time, it can implement risk reduction measures just when the lease contract expires (backup withholding on credit card, etc.)

What is the interface for Insurance and Rental Car companies?

The interface basically involves two points:

  • Sending an automatic message to the companies at the exact time that an insured or leased vehicle is involved in an accident (requiring police presence).
  • Provide an structured data file that can be loaded into the system for each company, instead of a flat PDF document that requires reentering information