Effective use of technology

We understand technology as a critical tool to successfully keep business growing in large companies and institutions. In many industry sectors, it is also a catalyst in the value chain that seriously influences the position of the company against the rivals.

Better Consultants has a team of professionals vocationally committed to understand technology as a catalyst for improvements in business processes.


Digital Transformation

We work with technologies commonly used in large companies and institutions. Usually our projects assemble parts of different components and environments in order to offer the best results in terms of effectiveness and cost.

We specialize in open architectures combined with mainframe environments, typically found in large organizations. We ensure optimal usability and capacity management without loss of stability or performance. We also provide a solid background integrating business intelligence solutions with legacy systems and bundled software.



Open Architectures

Design and implementation of MVC (Model – View – Controller).

UML identifying and defining classes scenarios.

Implementation in. NET (Visual. NET, ASP.NET, C #).

Developments in J2EE (Eclipse, Struts, …) on Websphere, WebLogic

We work with the most consolidated technologies in large companies, integrating components of different technologies and ensuring balanced and effective operations


We integrate open architectures and mainframe environments, implementing user interfaces that optimize ergonomics and provide maximum stability and performance


Web-Service Architectures

Definition and implementation of technology projects based on web services.

Definition and processing XML according to the SOAP standard.

Implementing WS. NET or JAVA.

Security Management from server certificates, SAML tickets

Business Intelligence

OLAP modeling / ROLAP.

Definition of dimensions, attributes and events under Microstrategy, OLAP Services.

Implementation of IBM COGNOS, Power BI, SAS, Microstrategy.

Dashboards and reports to management through Dynasight.

Integration with mainframe architectures

Definition and implementation of projects in mainframe systems.

Developments based on COBOL – CICS – DB2.

Process optimization through APPTUNE.

Communication between systems (SNA, CICS Transaction Gateway).