We make come true the digital transformation

We align the power of technology with the business objectives

Committed to improve processes and information systems of large organizations

Better Consultants was born in 1989, as a result of an initiative focused on the contribution of best professional values for the practice of advanced information technology and business consulting

Over three decades our company model, which balances objectivity and realistic approaches with innovative initiatives, has been consolidated in a day by day basis, and has been reinforced after many changes in trends, management models and technologies



Three decades boosting business transformation and creating value in companies

We design and implement advanced digital transformation solutions


Professional career

We give priority to our professionals acquiring year after year new levels of responsibility, combining specialized training and real hands-on experience


Value creation

We provide efficient solutions, adjusted to the specific requirements of each client. Our strategy empowers vertical specialization as well as transversal inter-sector portability of management models


Multi-sector approach

Our professional services provide a comprehensive vision of the transformation process, in all stages of the life cycle, and from a multi-sector perspective. We provide a realistic approach that adequately combines deep knowledge of the customer’s reality with effective use of technologies available in the market

We provide a complete vision of the business transformation processes

We are specialists in projects demanding high sensitivity combining factors that make possible a quantum leap in the competitiveness of the company

We reinforce knowledge and specialization in the main industry sectors

Our model leverages the experience of generations of professionals in the use of reference standards in the field of strategic planning and digital transformation

On-line contracts

On-line architecture to manage contract creation and signature in insurance companies

European Central Bank

We integrate and optimize the regulatory compliance processes required by the European Central Bank


We lead the implementation of advanced e-health solutions such as electronic prescription

Data Analytics

We design, build and implement flexible corporate data analysis systems to enhance business efficiency

Customer Communications

We are experts in building new Customer Communications Management models for large companies

Project Management

We set up project management offices according to the most effective control and guidance techniques

Traffic accidents management

Our solution is conveniently integrated with police core software and provides easy access to third-party inquiries

Real estate management

We develop management models for large real estate asset portfolios, owned by financial services companies


We implement multi-channel interaction models between large companies and their clients

Committed to environmental sustainability


Our operations to replace physical paper documents with electronic documents in large entities have generated significant savings in paper printing

We provide tools that annually process more than 1000 million documents. Using our advanced multi-channel distribution engines, we estimate that over 20,000 trees for the production of paper are saved year after year

“With our solution CCM álveo, we cut down a 30% of customer communication costs in big companies”

Francisco Huertas

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

“We provide great efficiencies in the implementation of regulatory compliance processes required by the European Union agencies”

Miquel Fortuny

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

Human capital is our key asset to succeed in the digital transformation of our clients”

Raul López

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

“Over a third of urban traffic accidents in Spain are managed by our Accidents and Attestations Management System

Ramon Dern

Socio, Better Consultants



Establish maximum quality customer service systems

Distinguish between the essential and the accessory

Implement agile work methods and styles

Realistic use of technology

Determine what should be done and then do it!

Transform projects into realities

Drive enthusiasm and the will to serve

Consultancy and IT Services