Publication add-on engine for Alfresco

In the field of Open Source document management, our Firm has developed an innovative application layer that streamlines both the publication and the search and location of documents in Alfresco Document Management .

This software layer allows Alfresco users to isolate the internal document and folder structure, from both the operations of storing and information retrieval.

Report Publishing

A new add-on module has been created under NET architecture. This module is invoked from the windows context menu (right click) of the document you want to publish.

The application allows the automatic publication in the document management system of the selected document, informing the minimum data necessary identify the document type and name.

Using these data, our publishing engine:

  • Decides in what area of the internal structure of the document management system the document has to be stored.
  • Gives a standardized reference name to the document, according to its type and screen data
  • Provides the document with metadata required for classification and subsequent search
  • Saves a single copy of every document. If a document is to be stored in various structures, it creates cross-document references
  • Manages published documents to simplify error-fixing.

Information retrieval

A new web-based retrieval module has been created to locate published documents, following various criteria associated with the metadata for each document (and informed at the time of publication). This provides a much more simple and attractive interface, avoiding end users to directly access Alfresco folders.

The result of the search for information is browsed as a list of documents, folders, or combination of both concepts. Once a document is located with the new module, it is opened and browsed in Alfresco. By clicking on a folder, the Alfresco application is activated, allowing you to browse their internal structure and the use of its common functionality.

Also, the configuration environment pre-defines which documents can be published, in what part of the structure should be stored, how to rebuild the document name, which data to apply for both systems, etc.