25th anniversary



2014 established a key milestone in our history: 25 years!

 Better Consultants was the result of an initiative, in 1989,  focused on providing the best professional values in business consulting and information technology practice, just in a critical moment at the time of transformation from centralized IT management models of the 80s and the emergence of network architectures in the 90s. 

Who could have imagined at that time the crucial changes that were about to happen? Who could have foreseen the impact of the new revolution in communication networks, office systems, open architecture, open source? Or who could have foreseen the strong remodelling of the sector or changes in management models. 

Better Consultants was born with the goal to promote the values of objectivity, quality, proximity to customers, and realistic and pragmatic approaches in technology application. These values have been with us permanently all this time. 

25 years later our approach, combining realistic visions and objectivity with innovative initiatives, has been strengthened overcoming multiple changes in technology trends and management models. 

Now we can see that these critical values, which served as a guide in the first steps of our firm, not only remain intact, but have been reinforced by new generations of professionals who have embraced and consolidated the values in all types of projects and clients.


Event celebrating our 25th anniversary