alveoCCM – Customer Communication Management

alveoCCM is an advanced platform of banking customer reporting, fully operational in leading companies, which facilitates the transition from traditional grouping systems towards a modern infrastructure of electronic document output for the future.


alveoCCM includes a suite of modules developed for both mainframe and open systems environments, fully compatible with leading market products and solutions in this field, which provides added value at key stages of the life cycle of documents.

Digital channels

alveoCCM It is the ideal tool to manage access to customer communications in any of the available output channels.

Since it is integrated with the corporate architecture web services, alveoCCM makes easy the the recovery of messages in native format, preformatted electronic documents or even the generation of documents “on the fly”.

Communication files created by the core systems, intended to be delivered by post mail and/or digital channels.

  • Receipts, transfers, settlements, …
  • Account statements and fiscal summary reports.
  • Advertising.


Individual browsing of documents through digital channels, and delivery of printed documents

  • Receipts of transactions executed in branch offices.
  • Online rendering of account statements
  • Online summary reports

Messages and alerts sent to customers through digital push channels (email, SMS, …) and pull (home banking, mobile, …).

  • Advertising and account information messages,
  • Transaction warnings, account overdrafts …
  • Push messages

Documents exchanged between the bank and its customers, that include legally accepted signatures, browsed using digital channels.

  • Contracts and online policies
  • Surveys requiring signature
  • Signed documents

Milions of documents per year


Cost savings


Big financial companies

Years evolving

Key Factors 

It manages both predesigned documents for other applications and fixed and variable data structures that are merged on the fly.

The process to produce final communications is isolated from application systems invoking communication services.

Interface with the multi-language service module

Optimum quality of documents produced by software packages intended to design, construct and deliver customer communication.

Intelligent distribution of physical and electronic outputs generated to help distribution management.

Electronic management of emails (electronic banking, e-mail, “push” channels, etc.).

Integration with third party software design and rendering products, to deliver outputs in the most common electronic formats (PDF, HTML, AFPDS…).

Single point of control to manage how to forward communications, using all available channels (postal mail, Web mail, email, push notifications, SMS, …).

A variety of archiving options in alveoCCM communications: managing both metadata and final e-doc formats (AFP, PDF, AFPDS, etc.), including variable data and templates.

Access services and monitoring of the life cycle of each individual communication (where are archived, returned communications, postal delivery, forwarding e-mail, …).

Advanced distribution channel management.

alveoCCM completely isolates the functions of communication management to clients (selecting delivery channels, formatting, run-time rendering, archiving, monitoring, quality control), from the content creation processes (transacion core systems of the entity.


alveoCCM ensures optimal management of communications to clients in any of the possible interaction channels, including physical documents, electronic documents, e-mail, messages, etc.

It is available in open systems architectures (UX, Linux, Windows) and on mainframe (MVS) platforms.

explained in 12 minutes

Francisco Huertas introducing alveoCCM (spanish audio)

Expoprint conference new


It allows companies to rigorously manage the flow of delivered communications, either by postal mail, electronic document, email or digital communication.

It provides a variey of criteria to find and browse communications regardless of the channel used.

It has a wide range of administration parameters to operate the  system: deadlines to checck documents consulting a document, format preferences for viewing the press releases, etc.

It includes batch contriol services to manage undelivered emails, 

Minimizes the impact of adding existing communications to new digital channels.

Dashboard Reports

The tracking features feed the alveoCCM control panel.

This scorecard is a valuable management tool that provides a precise and objective vision of the overall document and communication flow, as well as the real effectiveness of each output channel.

It provides accurate metrics regarding cost savings, balancing  postal mail  and digital output channels.

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