alveoCCM is now adapted to the cantonal structure of Switzerland

On February 2021 alveoCCM, the leading Customer Communication Management platform for Banking and Insurance, has gone live in the Swiss financial sector. With this recent step, our solution has evolved by adding the unique criteria of the helvetic cantonal distribution and by adopting the most advanced security and confidentiality measures.

alveoCCM is easy to integrate with the most common core banking systems available on the market. For this purpose, it provides an advanced model of connectors that reduces the implementation timeframe and streamlines the customization process required by each specific bank.

Particularly, alveoCCM has a fully operational interface with Olympic, the ERI Bancaire‘s core banking system developed in Geneva. Also, it includes standard interfaces with third-party document management tools, providing archiving and retrieval services for online digital communications. The storage and security processes are easily adjusted to the legal requirements of each country.

After more than 25 years of evolution since the initial version went live, alveoCCM has become the only solution that ensures saving over 30% in postal and digital communications. More than 1,000 million communications are processed annually through our system. Our model combines the advantages of using high performance decision algorithms and a variety of communication channels, selected by individual clients according to their preferences.

Our highly experienced Customer Communication Management consultants offer a comprehensive and personalized business case, carefully analyzing input data, results, and parameters, thus maximizing cost savings and ROI.

alveoCCM product description