Lluis Deulofeu, Deputy CEO of Cellnex Telecom, at our annual meeting in Barcelona

On November 28 was held the annual meeting of Barcelona office, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our Firm. This time we had the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding participation of Lluis Deulofeu, Deputy CEO of Cellnex Telecom.

After an introductory speech of our managing-partner Ricard Flores regarding the current status and perspectives, Mr. Deulofeu took the floor to offer us a pleasant exposition of the current situation of the dynamic telecommunications world,  and the innovative role that Cellnex Telecom provides managing large-scale telecommunications infrastructure.

A specific mention was the section of 5G mobile communications and its impact on the internet of things IoT, emerging business for which Cellnex Telecom is fully committed.

The event ended with the traditional cocktail and the delivery of commemorative t-shirts for the 30th anniversary.