On line agreement architecture

Today on-line agreements of products and services are a key issue in the process of digital transformation in big companies. However, despite of the fact that on-line interaction and document exchanges between clients and vendors has evolved dramatically in recent years, most of times the final closure of an agreement requires physical signature of paper supported documents.

When the technological platform supporting contract processing has been built in “successive urgent developments”, is very frequent to find dispersed tools and solutions, turning into poor management of processes and costly maintenance.

Contracts of products and services

Those problems are particularly highlighted when there is no prior knowledge between clients and providers, putting additional difficulties when the final objective is the final closure of contracts by strictly on-line processes. The legal, technical, security and audit conditions often make businesses to finally go back to “signatures on paper documents” to close the cycle. This casuistic is especially notorious in financial entities, insurance companies and providers of public services such as power supply, gas, water, telephone, etc.

Our Firm has developed a comprehensive Internet based contract management architecture, that solves the requirements of on-line customer-provider interaction.


This architecture ensures the availability of an excellent coordination mechanism for managing electronic documents, digitized documents, standardization of formats, approval and review circuits, validations, third-party certification services and information storage.

Online Insurance Policy

Insurance companies are an excellent reference in the online contracting model. The complexity of the products, variety of types of insurance, complexity of the clauses, etc., are a key factor that differentiates this sector from the rest. For this reason, digital transformation gets a relevant role in how the market will evolve in the future. Our architecture is the basis for the implementation of the “On-line Insurance Policy” in major insurance companies, who have decidedly to focus on the digital transformation and the maximum automation. Download DATA SHEET – Online insurance policy


Among the most outstanding aspects of our architecture, we emphasize the complete management of the contract process:

Control of the agreement status

Generation of insurance policies (real time and batch processing)

Interface with third party products that automate document design and dynamic document generation

Interface with suppliers of electronic signature and trusted third party services

Control of the documentation associated with the client-vendor agreement process

Interface with document management services

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