AutoSelect++: Decision Engine to find a vehicle

AutoSelect++ is the solution proposed by Better Consultants to improve customer interaction, both at the time of renewal of the vehicle and in the initial selection process.

It uses the most advanced decision support technology, providing an unprecedented capacity to manage conflicting criteria and resolve tradeoffs when selecting vehicles.

The choice of company vehicle, whether for commercial, industrial, representative or private use, is becoming day by day a logical and rational decision, where objective criteria are much more relevant that any other non-tangible consideration.

AutoSelect++ is the only existing decision tool capable to manage tradeoffs by weighing criteria, and help the end user to find  the model that best fits the customer’s preferences.

For instance, when looking for a large size and high power vehicle, it will be difficult to meet also requirements like low fuel consumption, low CO2 emissions and lightweight. Furthermore, when adding economic variables such as final price or leasing quotes, the decision process becomes a fight between criteria that conflict against the others.

AutoSelect++ power relies on an advanced decision engine, where that the relative weight of each decision criterion is defined by the user. The tradeoff based model guarantees that the final result is always an optimum that best matches all the required criteria, even though none of them is fully accomplished.

As a summary, AutoSelect++ reproduces the way we humans take decisions, readjusting objective criteria and providing high processing power in decision-making processes.

AutoSelect++ uses the decision engine of AuguriCorp, currently used in large companies such as Boeing, the US Administration, the Department of Defense, the UN or the World Bank, for mission critical decisions.

The product is fully configurable, so the criteria are fully adjusted depending of the user needs, and according to the information available in vehicle databases.

Datasheet AutoSelect++

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