BASF Iberia commits to Azure extending PowerBI as a Data Analytics tool

BASF Iberia continues to advance in its commitment to consolidate the analytics and reporting model based on Azure architecture, by extending the use of Power BI as a key tool within the framework of its global data strategy, and to provide an effective response to the needs of each business line: chemical products, agricultural solutions, nutrition & care, among others, 

 The proposed architecture fits the Azure schemes in advanced data analytics, allowing any data to be combined at any scale, and in turn, provides capabilities for creating machine learning models.


Our Firm collaborates in the consolidation of BASF’s advanced analytics model, focusing on organization and training of work teams as well as providing technological support: identification of information sources, development of daily loading processes, data quality, and modeling prior to analytics.

In this type of project, the effective combination of technical skills and solvency in the tools are the main key success factors, as well as domain knowledge and effective project management. 

Our practice allows us to apply synergies in similar proven use cases of data analytics:

  • Improved customer service experience.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Recommend products or services.
  • Optimization of systems and processes.
  • Development of products and services.