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We work with large companies and institutions of the major business sectors.

Our vision of careers combines both knowledge of information technologies and experience in management models and solutions for Financial Institutions, Insurance, Public Administration, Utilities and Manufacturing

Professional Development

Our teams are multidisciplinary, combining IT skills with knowledge and experience in management models and solutions for Financial Institutions, Insurance, Public Administration, Utilities and Manufacturing.

We understand the professional development as a continuous progression in responsibilities, achieved both in personal performance and team leadership. The booster of professional development is the efficient leverage of the experience solving problems in large companies.

We encourage our professionals in taking, year after year, new levels of responsibility, combining training with hands-on experience in projects.

Along three decades we have been helping to build the careers of our specialists in areas of technology and process management. We personalize each career according to the skills and preferences of individuals.

Depending on the skills and preferences, each professional can focus in several service lines of digital transformation:

Technology and information systems architecture

Project Management

Process optimization and re-engineering

“With our solution alveoCCM, we cut down a 30% of customer communication costs in big companies”

Francisco Huertas

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

“We provide great efficiencies in the implementation of regulatory compliance processes required by the European Union agencies”

Miquel Fortuny

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

Human capital is our key asset to succeed in the digital transformation of our clients”

Raul López

Senior Executive, Better Consultants

“Over a third of urban traffic accidents in Spain are managed by our Accidents and Attestations Management System

Ramon Dern

Socio, Better Consultants

Key Values

We endeavor to share and spread the key values of objectivity, quality, proximity to customers, and provide a realistic and pragmatic approach in the use of technology. These values have always been the foundation of our practice and have been consolidated and strengthened over generations of new professionals. Our teams are assuming year after year new levels of responsibility.

Our professional training program encompasses the professional growth of individuals and the consolidation of new skills required in real life projects.

Professional Practice

The professional practice is based on four key points:


Industry orientation

Project Management

Technology and Information Systems Architecture

Our Training Program is a cornerstone for the development of the career, covering these four topics.

Depending on personal skills and preferences,  the training plan for each professional is customized to ensure the right balance between the knowledge of common aspects of our practice and specialized abilities.

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