Project approach

Better Consultants has created the methodology ” PRAGMATIC®”,  which reflects the experience of generations of professionals in the use of reference standards in the field of strategic planning and information systems:.

Our methodology has been progressively improved over 25 years of experience. The best professional practice has been the guideline to ensure that the projects deliver optimal results and are executed within the schedulet timeframe.


Our methodology ” PRAGMATIC®”,  reflects the experience of generations of professionals in the use of reference standards in the field of strategic planning and information systems:

METRICA, published by Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas, that helps in the design, development, construction, installation and maintenance of information systems, including ITIL best practices)

PMI and Six Sigma for Project Management and Quality Control.

Magerit risk management, applied to different areas within the project management.

ISO27000 security management, and more specifically, Chapter 8 of the ISO27002/17799 addressing to best practices in the development and maintenance of information systems.

Key Factors

Our methodology has been developed from different premises:

Large companies have critical information systems involving a large number of users and transactions, and large volumes of information.

Security is one of the basic pillars. In this way infrastructure provides tools and control mechanisms, monitoring and auditing to meet such requirements.

Performance is a key issue that can modify the function design of an information system. In the initial stages of project analysis, some processes have to be reviewed and assesed to decide if, regarding performance issues, some particular information need can be implemented online or not.

The cost of carrying out corrective actions under production systems are severely higher (in effort, time, and cost economic) in large organizations.

Project management, monitoring and quality control are set up in early stages, regardless of the technology used.

This approach has become a de facto standard for implementing best practices in project development, particularly when the ability to anticipate results and high level of flexibility are critical requirements


The Scrum approach allows us to ensure maximum added value for the customer, providing always an optimal level of productivity and quality

Scrum Approach


Our firm has extensive experience in the practical application of Scrum at all stages. Unlike the traditional approach, in which we must know and understand perfectly the set of requirements to develop from the beginning of the project, the Scrum model is based on sequencing partial deliveries, permanently and regularly throughout the project.

Every partial delivery is fully functional and incremental over the previous one, so that you have the first results quickly. This partial result allows you to match the product with customer expectations throughout the project, then making changes or adding new features according to customer priorities.

Scrum is ideally suited for projects in complex environments where there is a clear need to anticipate the results, where the requirements are changing or are poorly defined, where, competitiveness, innovation, flexibility and productivity are key success factors.

Better Consultants has successfully implemented the Scrum approach in many software development projects both in the field of public administration and private sector, providing:

Better product tailoring to customer needs

Better time to market

Better control of project risks