Traffic Accidents Management

Traffic Accidents Management

Our Firm has implemented in the Local Police Departments of the main cities application software that simplifies the preparation of patrol reports and traffic accident reports in city areas. Also the analysis of urban accidents are sent to the state regulatory officers (SVT, SCT, DGT, ….). It also makes available these official reports to the parties (for instance, insurance companies) to provide accident data through secure web connections.

Operatively, the authorized professionals (Insurance Companies, Agencies, Lawyers, Brokers, Courts, other Administrations, etc.), can obtain in real time the reports of accidents. This improves efficiency and avoids unnecessary trips, prevents from manual procedures, and ensures total guarantee of confidentiality.

The process workflow can be completed in both the mobile units or in the police stations. The files are checked, reviewed and processed according to an end to end model, providing maximum flexibility.

This simplifies the life cycle of the accident record process. Police officers fill out, at their own convenience, the official attestation or data collection forms, inserting the sketch, the reconstruction of the accident, or any other relevant data that may be useful for legal and regulatory issues.

The main benefit consist in reducing manual workload and helping to focus officer’s activities on citizen support, as well as the analysis of conditions, environmental factors and circumstances of the accident.


The mobility platform requires no additional investment. The new solution is fully integrated with police database servers, ensuring compatibility with common technologies, and is fully isolated from the technical environment.




The use of a modern “Tablet PC” enables police officers to capture all relevant data of the accident in the same crash scene. Using the built-in camera in the Tablet-PC, the pictures are instantly added to the crash records, and automatically insert geo-positioning coordinates of the exact place.

The records are completed easily using the remote access to databases of information from the Traffic Authorities (drivers, vehicles, insurance, etc..).

The mobility platform requires no additional investment. This solution is fully integrated to police database servers, ensuring compatibility with common technologies, and is fully isolated from the technical environment.

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