Real Estate Assets Management

The financial institutions have undergone massive changes in recent years. The most significant one has been, indeed, the reduction of the number of entities because of the mergers of local and global banks.

Real Estate crisis has been the key point driving to this concentration.

Role and functions of “Servicers”

Managing these assets is a complex function, due to the amount of real estate transactions and detailed information held in each asset. In this scenario, the role of the “servicers”, companies who manage and sell real estate ownership and debt, becomes a key issue to ensure the success of the entire process.

Our Firm has been collaborating for more than ten years with the main “servicers”, as well as with real estate companies (subsidiaries or affiliates) of large corporations. We have consolidated a solid professional practice in managing data sources and reporting of real estate and financial assets (including collaterals).

Our approach

As systems integrators, our firm has positioned itself as a key service provider to achieve those objectives. Our PMO provides an analytical and objective vision to find the most appropriate way to solve the problems associated with portfolio property management through:

 Identifying alternate ways to solve the problems.

Assessing and implementing tools that better fits the needs of the client.

Developing interfaces and integrating tools with other corporate systems.

Real Estate Asset Management

The complexity in the structure of the real estate portfolio and the management guidelines are the key variables that determine the convenience of dealing with “servicers”. As outsourcers, the “servicers” are entitled to execute commercial tasks and daily management of assets.

Among our most frequent integration services, we highlight the transfer of the portfolio, contracts and clauses, tenants and the operations associated with the collection, recovery and management of bankruptcies.

During the last decade, the size of the real estate properties portfolio of the banks has exceeded any figure in earlier stages.


This particular situation requires extraordinary measures, implementing a totally new model of real estate property, improving effiency and ensuring adequate management of big portfolios


Sales Management

Regarding the administration of buildings, either completely finished or still undergoing construction (sales based on a project), some functions such as management of the status of reserves and their impact on General Ledger accounting are particularly relevant.

Our Firm is specialized in the implementation of Contact Center / CRM systems, helping to rigorously manage the exact status and categorization of all assets available for sale.


Accounting inventories and singular operations

Operations on real estate assets must be recorded in the owner company balance sheet according to GAAP, including adequate economic values and the detailed inventory of assets.

Our solution purpose allows exact asset tracking, unifies account planning and singular regulatory operations.

Financial Asset Operations

Throughout the crisis, real estate management has undergone substantial changes. From the initial need to get rid of toxic properties and financial assets has moved to the more complex creation of REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts), funds and marketing of large portfolios.

Although the operations of real estate assets (REOs) have been a challenge from the point of view of quantity and marketing, we find that for the financial assets (REDs) has added the difficulty of articulating information systems that give response to a broad catalog of operations, substantially more extensive than the usual loan management..

During the last years our Firm, strongly specialized in banking and finance, has consolidated a professional practice that offers an adequate coverage to the financial asset management operations (REDs).

Reporting and tracking

The requirements for information analysis and data quality control are particularly strict in order to cover regulatory compliance, internal audit and control, sales management, etc.

This point is relevant because these assets are in the balance sheet of holding companies, companies that own properties managed through “servicers” as well as within the management company itself.

The key to the success is not in the decision of what particular Business Intelligence tool to be used, but in the capacity to understand the scope of analytic data and to focus on what is really relevant. This is just one of our main strengths in real estate management.

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