Better Consultants is a Gold Partner integrator of the Alamo compliance platform


Financial Institutions have been permanently subject to a growing demand of regulatory based reporting, required by the new regulations issued by the European Central Bank.

This requirement has required an increasing flexibility and optimization of the data acquisition interfaces, data management and reporting to accurately show the exact bank’s operations. Specifically, the information requirements on risk analysis and financial statements include the new regulations of CIRBE, SIRBE, FINREP, COREP, FTF, SFTR, etc.

ÁlamoConsulting’s regulatory reporting platform is a leader in the financial sector due to its wide functional coverage, its scalable technological strength and outstanding references. Every day more financial institutions trust their compliance reporting to the binomial formed by the  technological platform of AlamoConsulting and the data analysis and core systems integration services provided by Better Consultants.

The success  references of Better Consultants in the integration of the Alamo regulatory software modules, are endorsed by the experience of our professionals and by a fully proven approach and deployment methodology, which ensures compliance with the most demanding levels both in data quality and in timing.

Better Consultants has been recognized Gold Partner Integrator of ÁlamoConsulting, as a result of the successful collaboration.