Management Consulting


When facing up the business digital transformation, our projects go beyond the Study, Assessment or  Strategy Planning. Most of times, the recommended solutions require the implementation of a new information system, that can be a Custom Development or can be adapted from a packaged system. In both cases, our professional services provide a comprehensive view of the life cycle, participating in all stages: Diagnosis, Definition, Design, Implementation, Training, Change Management, Production Support and Results Assessment.


Our experience, over two decades sharing projects in large companies and institutions from diverse sectors, enables us to offer a full range of business consulting and technology services. We are specialized in conducting projects that require, from a realistic point of view, a special sensitivity when joining three factors that make true outstanding changes in the competitiveness of the corporation:

strategic vision of the business

industry knowledge

management models


Our project approach ensures a realistic vision, adequately combining in-depth knowledge of the client and the effective use of technologies currently available  in the market.


Our professional services provide a comprehensive vision of the transformation process, participating in all stages of the life cycle, and according to a multisectorial approach.


We work on the transformation of important institutions and companies, both public and private, providing added value to:

Organization Model and Resource Optimization

Project Management Office

Reengineering and Process Improvement

Technology Planning

Information Systems Planning

Change Management



Our customers particularly appreciate our criteria balancing deep industry knowledge and strategic vision of the business, with close and realistic approaches.