Industry sectors


We are specialized in the portability of experiences and conceptual management models across industry sectors.

Often, when a company or even an industry sector achieve a substantial change in process improvement, is because they “import” ideas, models or solutions, which have been successfully tested before in other sectors. We find this situation even more frequently in the effective application of information technology.

Our customer collaboration model empowers equally both the necessary industry specialization and the portability of management models across all sectors.



Over three decades, we have formalized software solutions helping to improve process efficiency and cut production costs in most of the industry sectors.

The starting point for these solutions has usually been specific customer requirements, which after a process of continuous improvement we have bundled as packaged industry solutions.


Our specialists regularly add changes because of new regulatory requirements or on behalh of our commitment to excellence in process improvement.

Our Firm licenses these products in several ways, depending on the level of customization required by the end user. With the support of our professionals, the implementation is carried out quickly and effectively, anticipating the expected benefits and ensuring continuous process improvement.

These solutions provide interesting advantages for both new customers, who enjoy widely experienced solutions, and those who already have a license, that are helped with new features or enhancements with minimal impact on cost and resources.

We have adopted an organization model that reinforces our professional expertise and know-how in the most relevant economic sectors


Our experienced professionals have specialized in these sectors to provide efficient and high added value solutions to each individual client

Industry Sectors


We deliver high added value services to the leading nationwide Banks, providing strong sector expertise that has been consolidated from the earliest years of our firm.


We have developed over the years a practice of sectorial specialization, particularly in the field of combined banking and insurance products.

Emergencies and Security

We are specialized in implementing advanced and innovative solutions for public security and emergencies.


Along  the last decade, we have established a solid experience in healthcare companies, leading some of the most innovative projects in the sector.


We bring a solid track record of three decades servicing a wide range of government administration, public corporations and public agencies.


Infrastructures and Utilities

We are specialized in creating innovative solutions for public infrastructure and service providers.



We assist a wide range of industrial companies, requiring a close and realistic view of its special requirements.