Business Intelligence implementation

The choice of the business intelligence tool is often very focused on the final features of composition and reporting.

Even though this is a relevant point, it is far from being as important as the structure of information itself. In fact, it is much easier to replace the composition and report production tool than modifying the structure of the data feeding the tool.

Our approach to Business Intelligence implementation

To achieve the desired objectives, we essentially consider three points:

The adaptation of the processes of feeding and refreshing databases to the particular structure of the company.

The initial data analysis using compatibility matrix technique. In the real world scenarios, only few data dimensions can be crossed with other and making real sense. Only a detailed analysis of information concepts can bring light to the process of construction of the tool.

The data structure of the interfaces downloaded from transaction systems, which have to make easy the initial feeding, data correction and feedback to ensure maximum reliability and quality.

The quality of source data feeding the Business Intelligence tool totally determines the quality of resulting ouputs.

Our BI implementation methodology emphasizes the end-to-end vision of the process and ensures the success of the project.


If due to any reason the quality of the incoming information cannot be 100% guaranteed, subsequent processes of data consolidation and aggregation in several dimensions create distortion on the output results and amplify data mistakes.


There are not two equal Business Intelligence projects, but nevertheless the same implementation errors are happening again and again. The main problem in any BI implementation process is that if there are errors in the data source, the resulting information consolidation not only drags these errors, but also completely invalidates output results. There is nothing more negative than distrust in the results of the consolidation process. Complex calculations are difficult to accept if the result is against what is expected “a priori”. It is essential to establish effective quality procedures that guarantee total consistency in the input information and consolidation processes, in all the dimensions of information analysis.

Business Intelligence implementation services

Our Firm provides a comprehensive experience in the construction of homogeneous information models, obtaining the best results implementing Business Intelligence tools. Our professional services ensure that the implementation of BI solutions combine maximum quality of information, flexibility in managing predefined data structures, and optimal performance in obtaining information outputs, both in interactive or batch processes.

About 80% of CEOs of medium-sized companies and over 50% of CIO, CDO and IT managers of large corporations have doubts about how to address transformation projects in Business Intelligence or Big Data.

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