Competence Center for Traffic Accidents Management

The Law 11/2007, which regulates electronic access to public services, demands a completely new design of information flow between Government and companies or individuals.

Generally most of legal and administrative procedures related to traffic accidents, both in cities and interurban roads, frequently require detailed data acquisition and exchange between individuals involved (drivers, victims, vehicles, insurance companies, etc.) and Traffic Safety Administration (police agents, patrols, emergency services, etc.). The role of the Administration and the amount of data acquired depends on the circumstances and severity of each collision, because of the complex typology of accidents.

Better Consultants, through its Competence Centre, provides the most complete end to end solution addressed to effectively manage traffic accidents. This solution covers everything from the capture of information and preparation of attestation forms, with descriptive sketches of the crash reconstruction, including exchanging information with stakeholders in case of litigation (insurance companies, damage assessment, etc.). The life cycle closes with the billing of fees when the Police Department submits detailed collision attestation forms to the requesting parties.

Our Competence Centre for Traffic Accidents, that has been helping to improve the processes in urban areas of major cities in our country for the last four years, is now expanding its practice to extend the electronic processing of accidents to the whole of interurban Catalonia roadways.