Collateral: advanced guarantee and risk management platform

Collateral Management System


Collateral streamlines the guarantee control improving capture, update and follow up processes, addressed to companies managing financial risks. Among the main functions of Collateral, it is worth highlighting the treatment of:

Any type of guarantees (personal guarantees, mortgages, pledges, credit rights, etc.)

Alerts and warnings (overuse of guarantees, maturity of loads, assets in execution, etc.)

Automation of the full life cycle of risk


Provides a consistent database of guarantees details, regardless of the purpose or use of the information.

Ensures the reliability of the status, value, and all guarantee related information, along the entire risk operation life cycle.

Helps decision making processes related to asset contract guarantees.

Simplifis the integration with transaction and legacy systems (record management, agreements, client personal data)

Suppport multiple use configuration, depending if addressed to distinct companies, business units, users, currencies, languages, etc.