alveoCCM-DOMA Multilanguage Mgmt

The communication with clients in different languages ​​is solved in a global and centralized basis with this software. alveoCCM-DOMA manages all multi-language communication channels (correspondence, remote banking, office documents, etc.).

alveoCCM-DOMA solves multi-lingual communication with maximum efficiency, regardless of the channel used to interact with clients.



La solución multiidioma DOMA se basa en los siguientes conceptos:

A dictionary or central repository of multiple language texts, located on central server. This common core delivers texts translated texts ans concepts in several languages.

A set of interfaces with transactional systems, to process data in several languages, and through a variety of business-to-client channels..

Document inventory, collecting the basic characteristics of the forms used by the entity

Centralized procedure of administration of the repository. The request and reception of the translations, are managed automatically, through specialized third party providers.



Isolate application software from the preferred language of the clients. and reduce the cost of multilingual conversion of the core transaction systems.

Standardize language processing, providing common procedures to all transactional systems (correspondence, contracts, electronic banking, etc.).

Unify the translation procedures of the texts, allowing the reuse of content in different channels, and facilitating the adjustment of prices and the quality control of the services provided by specialized translators.

Optimize the performance of critical systems, either by the high information volumes or by the need for real-time responses.