Emergencies and Security

As a result of our experience over a decade improving efficiency and effectiveness in the Police and Emergency Services, we have developed a suite of fully customized solutions to manage most of the activities related to Police Services, integrating integrating daata and reports related to any incident.

One of the key outputs of this experience is that we bundled the most complete solution for Traffic Accidents Management’s currently available on the market.

We have developed the most comprehensive customized solutions to manage: 

Comand and Control Center

Planning and management of human and material resources

Integration between the 112 and Security and Emergency Services

Prosecution Records

Recruitment and Professional Career



The Control Center is assisted by geographic Services to accuratelly allocate the incident. All relevant data is shared by security, emergency services, medical assistance, etc.


Incidents and service management in emergencies are controlled in a completely integrated way, from the initial identification, categorizing, resource assignment until the final resolution, transfer or closing.

Control Center

Managing a control center requires on-time information gathering and effective interaction between emergency agents and operational units.  The model provides an accurate knowledge of:

Availability of human and material resources to configure each of the operating units that provide on-site services.

The pre-actions and activities assigned to each unit.

Registration and location of incidents and services.

The priorities in the provision of services.

Key Factors

The system is designed according to the need for police management, as well as the needs for evolution and scalability.

Comprehensive data processing environment, defining security with regard to user profiles and access to data. The system shows data which, for safety reasons, only a particular agent (head of the control center, head on charge, supervisor) can browse.

A higher rank control center is able to get additional security privileges and take over the management of incidents allocated to hierarchically subordinated centers..

Datamart to handle all relevant data entered into the core system.

Integration with geographic information system, both in terms of standardization of incident location and definition of points of interest.

An  easy to use, practical, and flexible user interface which facilitates the operational procedure, improving the coordination, control and management of police officers. It also provides a global overview of activities recorded, reducing response times.