ERIC – Credit Risk Records Management

ERIC is the platform of Better Consultants that covers the end-to-end processing cycle of risk management.

This easy to use tool, allows credit analysts to manage in a unified way all electronic data sources, including application input, assessment, approval and monitoring.

ERIC Platform

The system is fully integrated with other corporate systems of ICF. The process engine ensures the uniqueness of information and facilitates interaction with customer databases, financial manager states, prevention of money laundering, etc. It also interfaces to other peripheral systems that improve access to electronic files (document management, document publisher, application front-end).

The new system provides a powerful engine to manage process workflows, easy to adapt to requirements of other companies of the group and to the complete product portfolio. ERIC supports the following:

Key Factors

100% traceability and monitoring of credit risk records.

Reducing operational risk by the use of advanced business rules, control rules, and consistency between document contents and database records

Defining the step by step approach and task breakdown to help risks analysts in each stage of the workflow.

Standardizing documents provided by the client, risk analysis report and outputs of the system.

Sending operations to the decision-making committee and re-route the process according to the decisions taken.

Sending portfolio operations once formalized to start monitoring.