Electronic invoice (EFACT)

Better Consultants completes the first phase of the project for the implementation of electronic billing in the Catalan public administrations (EFACT).

With the publication and adjudication of the statement to provide the electronic billing service in the Catalan public administrations, has completed the first phase of the project which has coordinated a Better Consultants team encompassed by the steering committee of electronic billing. 

Participants in this committee: the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the AOC Consortium, the Catalan Certification Agency (CatCert) and the Department of Economics and Finance, the City of Barcelona, through the Municipal Institute of Informatics, and the Council of Lleida.

The aim of this first phase of the project was, first, review the current status of electronic billing in Europe and in the public and private sectors of both Spain and Catalonia, and to establish lasnecesidades of different entities and agencies regarding this issue and, secondly, defining the general model for electronic invoicing for the different administrations in Catalonia. 

A model that includes, in the best way possible, the needs of all stakeholders and that, henceforth, will be necessary to establish and spread to become a reference.

The model set consists of three main elements:

  • The Hub or single exchanger, which is responsible for the distribution of invoices flow and communication of different states. This Hub will connect with the different trading platforms for both from the various public authorities and from each of the suppliers, you have a complete view of invoices and their respective states.
  • The portal for Issuance of Bills of public administrations, which provide suppliers with the necessary tools to send electronic invoices (e-bills) to the various entities.

Unlike current electronic billing platform, this project provides for the various suppliers to send electronic invoices using their own platforms without having to change them. In the case of suppliers who were not using any, they enable this portal Issuance of Bills so they can send their invoices with this tool.

  • The Invoice Reception portal of public administrations, which will allow authorities to receive invoices in three different ways: through their own systems with direct connection to the Hub, through a private platform, and finally, through Receiving this site Bill which shall have a system accessible by suppliers that provide, among other services, the bill escrow and from which states may issue invoices, print or download.

Finally, upon receipt of invoices, each administration is responsible for its internal management through their respective back-office.

If you need more information about electronic invoice, refer www.facturae.es