New online tool to manage the workflow of mortgage processes

The Spanish Association Providers of BPO services for Financial institutions and Corporations (Aeproser) has intorduced today a new online platform to speed up and provide easy access to the mortgage status and balance records.

Through this tool, designed by Aeproser, the user is able to instantly know all details related to the mortgage. The technological structure of this tool has been set up by Spanish companies like Oesía (development), Better Consultants (strategic consulting and technical direction) and T-Systems (hosting).

According Santiago Bellver, president of Aeproser, the aim of the tool is to optimize costs and streamline procedures of financial institutions, registers, appraisers, notaries and tax administration of autonomous communities.

“The Platform was created to join a global world,” explains Bellver, which believes that competing in this digital space is a unique opportunity challenging the future for all the parties involved.

Over two hundred professionals attended the event that was held in the Aula Magna of the Universidad San Pablo CEU. Bellver introduced this multilateral channel of communications, focused in improving efficiency and secure message exchanges in the end to end procedures.

Later, the president of the Spanish Mortgage Association, Santos Gonzalez, gave the welcome to the new platform and pointed out that it is a very strategic tool for the immediate future.

He added “the new tool is a way to facilitate the achievement of certain ends, and never an end in itself. The economic traffic must be agile but safe, ensuring the adequate balance between speed and reliability that the contracting parties need to safeguard their interests 

Aeproser is the association of the major Spanish BPO companies, providing specialized services addressed to mortgage processing in financial institutions and corporations. Today the Associations holds over 60% of market share.

The new platform is open to all banks and operators interested in providing services through this new system.

Technology vice-president of this institution, Ignacio Menendez Moran, considered the sector modernization is a critical success factor that must be encompassed with other initiatives led together by financial institutions.

Likewise, the managing director of the Online Platform, Julio Garcia-Marcos Maceiras said it is a tool open to any bank, notary, register, appraiser, public administrations and other operators interested in acting through their applications, as managers, lawyers, attorneys, insurance companies or firms of architects.