New engine to build online contracts alveoCCM-generador

The new alveoCCM-generator module is released, being the most advanced assistant for the interactive construction of contracts.

This new module is an ideal aid for large companies that have to manage complex contracts, with adhoc clauses under common standards. With the new alveoCCM-generator module, the creation of minutes that are sent to public notaries is significantly streamlined to proceed with their signature, securing the maximum consistency and reliability in the contract clause. Thus, the review and supervision needs are minimized . Among the main functions of the new module, we highlight:

Preparation of clauses: The fixed text is introduced using a word processor, and the variables are inserted in the appropriate points, selecting those that are available in the dictionary of variables

Construction of the model: The appropriate clauses are selected from the dictionary. For each, the conditions linked to a variable are indicated, which will determine whether or not it should be included when building the document.

Simulation: Data can be loaded into the variables to visualize the result of the generation of a model. This allows debugging the models in the definition stage.

The new application has been completely developed for open environments, facilitating its integration through a technical architecture of “web services”. Its modular nature ensures maximum adaptability to different sectors such as financial institutions, insurance companies, public services, telecommunications, gas, electricity, etc.

Check the alveoCCM-generador specifications page