Banco Popular reduces 30% customer communication costs using our alveoCCM platform.

Since the system went live last September, our platform alveoCCM has achieved a 30% cost reduction, thanks to improved grouping factor.

The intelligent grouping module provided by alveoCCM combines in the same output documents from miscellaneous sources and formats. For instance DinA4 page sizes (like global balances or stock market position) are grouped together with 1/3 sized documents (individual receipts,  charges, transfers, etc.)

alveoCCM has also improved the global efficiency of the CCM process, producing millions of documents each month with just one hour of elapsed processing time during nightly batch. Since alveo integrates with any general-purpose document formatter, our optimization and management models is isolated from any third party design and format product selected by the client.

For over 25 years our Firm has been strongly commited to improve customer communication services. Our alveoCCM platform is the result of years of experience in this area and provides a long term solution that ensures maximum efficiency and integration.

Solutions: alveoCCM