Bankinter reinforces telemarketing campaigns managed from its headquarters

Bankinter, leader in the implementation of Phone and Internet based Banking solutions, is making the next move to optimize customer care model through new channels.

For years, the goal of many call center banking services has been to relieve the branches of the workload raised by the most common office transactions. However, these functions have been replaced by modern app’s and front-end web software. These tools solve efficiently and in a comfortable way most of the common online customer operations: customer balance inquiry,  fund transfers, payments, new products, etc.

Regarding this scenario, Bankinter has decided to transform the classic call center service to a new customer centered marketing, taking advantage of the phone channel to improve contact between the agent and the end customer.

Our Firm has been working with the Bank as a system integrator of the new model, developing new software and implementing interfaces with advanced predictive dialing tools. The new software includes, among others, the following features:


Creating a new web application, managing campaign management, contacts, phone calls and eventual incidents.

Software integration with Proactive Outreach Manager (POM), provided by Avaya. This software allocates and initiates phone calls to each operator.

The new application sends data to POM and phone contact, and receives from the POM information on the status of failed calls: line in use, on hold status, etc.

Data gathering about target clients from several applications, such as the agenda or ebankinter web forms.

Continuous feedback received from POM and forwarding campaign results to other transaction systems.