e.inversor breaks classic models in financial decision support processes

e.inversor has been released to empower financial decision processes, helping investors to choose the most adequate investment among bonds, public debt, funds, pension plans, securities, stocks.

Investment decisions usually involve variables such as profitability or interest rates, that usually are not compatible with others like the acceptable risk level, the product quality or rating, or even volatility or liquidity. This challenging issue requires the use of an innovative tool capable of adequately managing tradeoffs and resolve conflicting criteria. When the amount of alternative choices is large, and the number of variables increases, it can be really difficult to automate the way humans make decisions.

e.inversor provides a powerful decision engine and an intuitive user interface. While traditional business intelligence tools emphasize data retrieval and summary, they overlook a critical element of the decision process: tradeoffs between criteria

e.inversor is the only engine to aid investment decisions that operates in the same way humans think. It focuses  on the decision process itself, offering an ideal tradeoff-based platform to optimize decisions. When exploring on a large space of possible investments, e.inversor instantly resolves tradeoffs between decisions criteria that may be conflicting, finding the closest investment to ideal.

Moreover, it reduces to zero the risk of overlooking financial investments that, even they can be very attractive to investors, would be rejected by selections based on traditional SQL model.

The investment optimizer provides unsurpassed assistance to specialists who manage client portfolios, financial advisors or agents, EAFI’s and even end customers.

e.inversor is compatible with existing portfolio management tools, focused on the analysis of customer profiles. Moreover, it is easily integrated with enterprise systems of the organization, since it has been designed and built to operate both remotely (cloud) and integrated into the architecture of the financial institution.

e.inversor uses the decision engine of AuguriCorp, proven worldwide in large organizations such as Boeing, GSA,  the Department of Defense, the United Nations or the World Bank.

For more information, contact us at the following e-mail address: miguel.lluch@betterconsultants.es