Gijón implements Better Consultants’ traffic accidents management system

The Public Safety and Mobility municipal councilor of the City of Gijon, Rafael Felgueroso, introduced, on Thursday 15th the new accident management information system. This solution will, on the one hand, simplify the work of the agents and reduce operation costs and, on the other hand, it will record statistical data and analyze accident blackspots to deploy adequate prevention policies.

Felgueroso, accompanied by the head of the Municipal Traffic Service Gerardo Alexandre, explained that the original tool is a courtesy of Barcelona City Council. After a public RFP process, the adaptation to Gijon was awarded to the consulting company “Better Consultants”

Among other things, explained that the sketch of the accident is prepared using the digital cartographic data of the municipality. The police agents, that can browse previous incidents occurred in the same scenario, are provided with advanced tools to interactively create the attestation forms in real time.

Attestation forms, once completed and reviewed, can be accessed by certain specialized professionals or businesses, such as insurance companies, lawyers or attorneys. Thus, the relevant information, stored in the municipality computers, can be remotely and securely browsed, instead of having to do it in person in the municipality venues.


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