Government’s homologation of IT vendors. Better Consultants get a high grade

List of certified companies in order of awarded qualification.

1   T-Systems ITC Iberia, SAU

2   Better Consultants, SRL

3   Everis Spain, SLU

4   Altran Portugal, SA

5   Capgemini España, SLU

6   Aventia Iberia, SL

7   GFT IT Consulting, SLU

8   Indra Sistemas, SA

9   Sadiel Tecnologías de la Información, SA

10   Ingeniería de Software Avanzado, SA (INSA)

11   Tecnocom España Solutions, SL

12   Ibermática, SA

13   Steria Ibérica, SAU

14   Coritel, SA

15   Siemens, SA

To highlight the outstanding qualifications obtained by our firm in the process of evaluation and certification of IT services companies that the Government has recently concluded and is also applicable to many other public sector entities that are voluntarily affiliated (councils, municipalities and autonomous entities)

From the set of concurrent requests in our batch, only 15 have been approved. The approval process has involved a painstaking review based on a series of objective and subjective merits that prioritized, among other things, looking at the adequacy of resources and the methodological expertise.

Of the fifteen firms approved, note that Better Consultants got second place and that the vast majority of organizations selected have dimensions much larger than ours, most are multinationals or subsidiaries of large conglomerates. We are the smallest (for now) of the 15 elected.

In the present circumstances of our economic environment, this recognition has been a source of great satisfaction to all of us and encourages our zest to continue giving our best to all our customers.