The Institut Català de Finances (ICF) awards Better Consultants the implementation of the new risk management system

The Institut Català de Finances promotes and facilitates financial support to companies that are headquartered or are operating Catalonia, mainly SMEs, and broadens the role of private financial sector. According to this, the ICF performs its functions in accordance with the principles of financial stability, management and control of credit risk, budget autonomy and regulatory compliance.

Targeting these objectives, the most critical functions addressed by the Institute in its daily activity are risk assessment, processing and tracking credit operations.

Our Firm brings to the project a double component that enables the Institute to cover critical aspects of implementation: first, one solid experience in financial institutions and more specifically in the field of risk management processes, and on the other hand experience in the application of modern technologies to improve document flow processing.

The new system upgrades the core of the functions of the Institute: financing investment projects, working capital and social capital of companies that are operating in Catalonia. The system provides a new set of workflows to process loan applications, guarantees and venture capital investment. The new system includes:

  • Automation and comprehensive definition of the processing flow.
  • Full analysis of credit and loan applications, from the initial application form stage to the approval, execution and completion, according to the methodology of ICF.
  • Definition of roles and responsibility levels of the risk analysts and other participants in the process flow.
  • End-to-end process monitoring and tracking.
  • Operational risk reduction by adding new business rules, controls and ensuring consistency of process data with customer records.
  • Integration of customer risk records with other corporate information to obtain a complete vision of the operation.
  • Detailed follow up of the operation flow (current stage of the operation, documents provided by the customer, approval flow procedures and allocation assigments, etc.

The new system is expected to go live progressively throughout the second half of 2014.