Better Consultants establishes a business agreement with leading cyber-risk consultant Integrity

Our firm expands its portfolio of IT services, in close collaboration with a world leader in computer security. Integrity offers its innovative services information security, auditing and consulting worldwide, providing comprehensive  expertise on the structuring and delivery of InfoSec value-added services. Advanced security services are provided by joining our expertise with and proprietary GRC Technology, for consistent and effective processes reducing cyber-risk threats.

Among the set of services provided by our partner Integrity, there are continuous solutions vulnerability detection (, processes ISO 27001  certification ( and third party risk management (, with technological support of GRC platform (

Founded in 2009 by a group of well-known professionals in their fields of expertise, Integrity holds a significant number of clients amongst several different industries. Success has been built on business culture, skill development, leadership, and determination. The senior consultants are highly experienced with relevant International Certifications to sustain their knowledge in information security.

The business agreement between Better Consultants and Integrity is intended to boost the cyber-risk consulting services throughout Spain and Portugal. Both companies have shared values and important business synergies. Integrity enforces computer security expertise while Better Business Consultants empowers system integration services in companies severely exposed to business continuity risks (banking, insurance, public sector, utilities, etc.).

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