New Clinical Safety Module

CatSalut is strongly committed to reinforce the welfare nature of electronic prescription. According to this, the new Clinical Safety Module includes a set of new advanced features available to all agreed Healthcare Providers, and addressed to improve key aspects of patient safety and effectiveness of medication.

 The implementation of e-Medication Plan has been so far a giant step in improving the relationship between patients, doctors and pharmacists. It provides a complete overview of the medication that has been prescribed and dispensed, complementing real-time information with data recorded and archived in previous months.

Now, this New Clinical Safety Module reinforces this relationship with patients, since it becomes a valuable aid in alerting professionals and preventing eventual adverse drug interactions, redundancies in active ingredients, incorrect dosages, etc., just at the exact time the doctor prescribes the medication.

Better Consultants has executed the Project Definition, issued specs and solution approach of the New Clinical Safety Module. It is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of this new module as a part of the Project Management Office, which has been leaded since the beginning of the project Electronic Prescription in Catalonia.

The deployment of the new module will be carried out progressively to all CatSalut’s agreed healthcare providers.