Customer communication platform alveoCCM, now available on Big Data technology

Our CCM platform alveoCCM, leader in financial institutions, has added Big Data technology to optimize costs and lookups of customer communications.

The new interactive capabilities (i.e. “on the fly” document  browsing or reprint), available on PC, tablet or smartphone, have changed the paradigm of customer document management.

The number of banks suggesting their customers to leave paper based documents as a residual channel is increasing day by day. MongoDB plays a key role in this scenario. It is a consolidated technology providing now high performance, helping large entities to downsize storage and retrieval of services from high-end mainframes to dedicated low cost servers.

The technology has been successfully implemented in BBVA, using MongoDB on Linux servers. Customer communications have been processed and stored, so far, on the Mainframe, using DB2 databases. This mainframe oriented environment is expensive (subject to “pay per MIPS” recurring yearly cost) and also difficult to integrate with new channels,

The new application has been entirely developed in distributed environment, based on Non SQL MongoDB database and Java programming language. This approach also brings a significant cost reduction in terms of software licensing costs, completely eliminates “per MIP” based costs, and increases the performance to search and browse multi-channel customer communications.

Solutions: alveoCCM