The guarantee management system Collateral now available under open architecture platforms

The new  Collateral management system is available under open architecture platforms.

Collateral focuses on medium-sized entities, which often are subject to a chronic lack of information about guarantees supporting credit operations. Using Collateral, entities are provided with a well structured, reliable and up to date core of guarantees data, which greatly facilitates both risk management itself and reporting to regulatory institutions (CIRBE, etc.)

Collateral provides an open web services architecture that allows easy integration with other systems, either by direct access or through external browsers. This flexibility supports multiple configurations for different companies, business units, users, currencies, languages, etc. Potential users of Collateral are financial institutions, debt consolidation services, consumer credit and mortgage companies, fintech, real estate, credit brokers, etc.

Collateral is sold in license mode, including interface development services, training and user support.

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