The Municipal Police of Madrid acquires our Traffic Accidents Management System

The Municipal Police of Madrid has acquired our Traffic Accidents Management System, which streamlines the workload of the the police officers and patrols to prepare the reports or attestation of traffic accidents in the urban area, the analysis of accidents and the transfer of sensitive data to the regulatory authorities (SVT , SCT, DGT, ….).

Operatively, the authorized professionals (insurance companies, agencies, lawyers, brokers, courts, other administrations, etc.), can obtain in real time the reports of accidents. This improves efficiency and avoids unnecessary trips, prevents from manual procedures, and ensures total guarantee of confidentiality, and browsing accident data through the corporate web of Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

The main benefit is that it reduces manual workload and helps to focus officer’s activities on citizen support and in analyzing the environment and causes of accidents.

The system, originally developed in the Urban Guard of the Barcelona City Council, is available to other municipalities to contribute to the improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the management of traffic accidents in urban areas.

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