No rest for our runners in the Carrera de Empresas

Event 2020 (Madrid)

This time the 2020 edition of the business race in Madrid has been constrained by strong anti-Covid-19 prevention measures, which, although they have forced to change the traditional format of previous years, have kept the spirit of participation and improvement intact.

The Hipódromo de la Zarzuela has been the place chosen for the event, a large and open space where the participants followed a departure schedule along the entire day, preserving the venue of overcrowding at any time, as well as ensuring the required safety distances. The structure of the race also permitted “virtual” participation of runners in alternate routes, controlled by geopositioning.

Our runners have not missed this new event and have once again played an important role in the 5km track, as it happened in 2019 edition.

Event 2019 (Madrid)

On December 15, took place in Madrid the twentieth edition of the Carrera de Empresas de la Actualidad Económica. This year a new participation record has been broken with more than 20,500 registered runners, distributed in 6,647 teams of 1,238 companies.

The sport stands out for the values ​​of competitiveness, teamwork and continuous improvement, healthy and perfectly linked to the work environment, and our firm could not miss this appointment. On this occasion, we participated with three teams of “work athletes” who defended very worthy results. The best qualifying team was BETTER RUNNERS-2 , reaching the top 38% of the classification, with a better individual time of 44:44 for a distance of 10 kilometers.

The race took place in an urban circuit along the Paseo de la Castellana from 9 am in the morning, under a very grey and threatening sky,  although the rain gave us a break throughout the entire event. The race was attended by outstanding athletes that did not hesitate to join the race. The two times marathon world champion Abel Antón, and the legendary Fermín Cacho, Olympic champion in 1,500 m in Barcelona 92, participated in the race, in addition to the president of the Comunidad de Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

At the end of the race we enjoyed a very deserved breakfast, and we conjured to improve our ranking next year.