Quickscene is the diagramming tool chosen by the Catalan police

Better Consultants has agreed with The CAD Zone, Inc. (Beaverton, Oregon-USA) to distribute their products nationwide.

Among a wide range of law enforcement solutions, QuickScene is a valuable aid to support diagramming accidents, affordable and easy to use, especially suitable for police, agencies or professionals who work in the traffic accidents management.

QuickScene is now the standard tool for diagramming sketches of accidents in the Government-Police Mossos d’Esquadra, as well as in several metropolitan  local police.

QuickScene works primarily with predefined objects (over 6000  roads , crosses, vehicles, etc.) and adaptive and shape-adjustable depending of the accident exact place and the environment.

The diagramming module allows very easy to exactly locate an address inside  google maps, and retrieve the satellite image as a background for the drawing. It facilitates as well capturing local cartographic data of the specific town or municipality where the accident has taken place.

Allows use of templates with predefined objects and scenarios to identify black spots or areas at risk of accidents to speed up the composition of the final drawing. The average time to complete a sketch is less than 15 minutes.