Real Estate Portfolio Management Platform (PMaP)

The new PMaP solution developed by Better Consultants is an advanced platform for managing and monitoring asset portfolios (mortgage foreclosures, bad loans, delinquent loans, etc.).

PMaP covers all stages of the portfolio life cycle: presentation of a binding offer, acquisition of the asset, unbundling at the contract level and integration into a new sales portfolio when debt recovery has not been feasible. The traceability of the portfolios provided by the platform facilitates comparative analysis at the profit/success level, helping future decision-making on potential acquisitions.

The automation of the sales and acquisition processes is centered around an integrated information core. This architecture helps in reducing  the cost of management and operational risk of these unique operations.operational risk of these unique operations.

PMaP has been operational since the second quarter of 2021, and enhances our catalog of tools and services in the field of asset portfolio management of REO’s, RED’s, NPL’s SPL’s.

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