Electronic Prescription

The Electronic Prescription has taken significant steps in its extension, not only at geographical level, but also in the acceptance of the health care community and the degree of integration of patient medication, keeping users with a very high level of satisfaction.

Since 2005, our Firm has been working in the Implementation and Development of Electronic Prescription in Catalonia. Our company has been in-charge of critical responsibilities in this project, among them:

Initial definition of the overall EP model,

Project Management Office,

Implementation in GP medical centers

Support in medical specialization centers

Change management and training support

System assessment and evaluation


Electronic prescription

Millions of dispensed prescriptions

Millions of patients dispensed monthly

On-line pharmacies

The deployment of electronic prescriptions has been fully completed in General Practitioner centers (over 30 different institutions) and most of Medical Specialization care centers. Today the medication can be dispensed electronically in any of the more than 3100 pharmacies in Catalonia.

Half a million of electronic prescriptions are processed daily, and the global number of 1500 million dispensations has been surpassed. Today, more than 99.3% of the prescriptions issued are electronic, and only very few are still paper-based.

The Electronic Prescription model is a key tool to improve rational drug use and ensure the sustainability of the system.


The knowledge base provided by this new model, where health professionals have an end-to-end vision of the patient’s medication, is a key support to ensure effective, safe and cost-competitive health care service.

In addition to GP prescription, the deployment has been consolidated in both Medical Specialization and Mental Health Prescription, obtaining good operating results of the joint model GP plus Medical Specialization,

The collaboration between the groups and professional associations has facilitated the complete extension of the Electronic Prescription.

The Electronic Prescription model has evolved in several ways:

Set up of new advanced functions, improving clinical safety in the prescription and dispensation.

Networking with Electronic Prescription systems of other regions and other European Union countries.

Comprehensive vision of patient’s medication records, regardless of the origin of the prescription.

Integration with mobility devices