Presentation of AHDALID at our 2018 annual meeting of the Madrid office

Last Thursday, November 29, took place the 2018 annual meeting of Better Consultants Madrid at the Hotel Santo Domingo. After an introductory exposition of our Managing Partner Ricard Flores, we gave the floor to a prominent speaker in the ICT sector. We counted with the help of Jesús Hernando Corrochano, on behalf of the association ADHALID (Hispanic Association of Agenda and Digital Leadership), who presented his vision of Digital Transformation in companies and Agile methodology: where we are, what we have done, where we want to go, myths and realities.

Mr. Hernando is co-founder of AHDALID, professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid and holds an IT management position at El Corte Inglés. Throughout his presentation, he shared with us his experiences and lessons learnt applying agility models in software development processes, as a response to the rigidity and frustrations of classical cascade projects. The vision was enriched also by worldwide success stories such as Spotify and diverse studies and trends: AHDALID’s own articles, Gartner Group vision, Forrester Research or MIT’s conclusions of studies.

The presentation generated great interest among the attendees, mostly engineers and graduates in science careers, who are used to work with agile methodologies and development tools and actively participated in the colloquium with our speaker.