The business area of insurance, re-insurance and pension plans has always played a key role in the financial sector. In recent years there has been also a change of trend, outsourcing the insurance business to specialized companies.

Better Consultants has actively participated in this process of transformation, particularly in the areas described below.

Connecting companies

Processing an insurance policy requires the involvement of various stakeholders. Our information model has been designed to effectively manage the workflow of data and financial information exchanged by stakeholders: 

Daily record exchange between financial institutions and insurance brokers.

Reporting to the insurance company the detailed information of the products that have been marketed by the financial institution.

Balance issues related to the previous section, such as accounting separation between brokers and custody.

Sales incentives

Commercial activities rely on tools, instruments and proactive support to the sales team branches. Our firm has designed and implemented solutions in customer acquisition campaigns: 

Control systems monitoring employee variable compensations, linked to the marketing of insurance products.

Intelligent catalog of products, which offers customized guidance based on the specific target market of each branch. In addition, the compliance of specific agreements are monitored for the financial institution depending on the geographic area.

The effectiveness of marketing activities is strongly related to the extent on the tools, control instruments and the proactivity of the network in customer acquisition campaigns.


Today, the financial sector is firmly committed to outsource the insurance business to specialized companies, in an opposite way to the integration tendency just few years ago.

Retirement Plan

Better Consultants has developed specific solutions to manage the portability of pension plans between companies.

We have also implemented local product customized solutions such as the EPSV (Voluntary Social Welfare Organizations) in the Basque Country.

Insurance reporting

Our extensive experience in the field of electronic document output to end customers, described in the section on Industry Solutions, has been extended to service Insurance sector, leading to the creation of the Integrated Statement of Insurance.

 This document, available both in paper version and in electronic version, provides the client with a joint vision and easy understanding of the set of contracts with the insurance company.