Concert of the tenor Marc Sala in the 30th anniversary of Better Consultants

On May 28th was held the main event of the 30th anniversary of Better Consultants, the concert “Canzone Napulitane” by the tenor Marc Sala, accompanied by Josep Buforn on the piano and by Mario Mas with the mandolin. The AXA auditorium at Illa Diagonal was the scenario chosen for this musical evening, one of the preferred scenarios to perform live and unplugged concerts, due to its excellent sound conditions.

More than 250 guests accompanied us at the concert, which have played a key role to make a reality our 30-year history.

After a brief introduction from our managing-partner Ricard Flores, in which he thanked the guests for their presence and highlighted the relevance of complementing rational and scientific activities with musical and poetic viewpoints, the splendid voice of Marc Sala and the excellent musicians opened the magnificent concert, that seduced all the guests since the very first notes.

The evening continued with a lively dinner-cocktail where we had the opportunity to catch up on so many anecdotes from generations of clients, professionals and collaborators, who have helped to consolidate a business initiative that was born in the distant 1989.

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Randomness and technological evolution have marked the pattern of human progress, but we would hardly have arrived to where we are now without the essential assistance of music, poetry, song and, in summary, all artistic manifestations of our emotions.

We are impressed by the ability of technology to enhance our daily abilities and, therefore, we are every day more dependent on our smartphone and our computer. But we also experience a similar feeling, or even deeper, when a human voice, lyrical, makes us vibrate with emotion without understanding the reason why.

And this is why, after thirty years of professional dedication to the daily practice of the scientific method and reasoning, it did not seem very opportune to celebrate this event by proposing an activity too rational or technological, rather on the contrary.

This is the great challenge of Marc Sala and his accomplices tonight, to work our most poetic facet, probably, our most unknown or unexplored side; trying to alter our mood with a generous dose of neapolitan song of proven effectiveness. We have to admit that we, the hosts, will make them easy because we are already happy enough to have you all here, the guests, sharing with us this celebration; Your presence here is a tribute to us of infinite emotion.

Now it is about accomplishing it with the charming concert by Marc Sala and his companions. It’s the time of the truth in this celebration. Let the show begin!

Ricard Flores, Managing-Partner, Better Consultants.   

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