European Central Bank Compliance

The recent economic and financial crisis has shown the that the control mechanisms and supervision model of the Central Banks have been inadequate.

The EU has adopted many corrective actions, and the European Central Bank has progressively set up new information requirements that all operating banks must supply through the supervisors of each country. Remarkably, the poor adaptation of “traditional” statistics to support policy formulation has been highlighted as a weakness of the model, providing so far insufficient detail about each individual product.

Declaration model

A common difficulty is that the data requested for regulatory reporting purposes has not been stored electronically with the desired quality in bank’s databases, either because they are optional data or simply because they were not considered necessary for day-to-day management. Financial institutions must, provide detailed the information of each credit, loan, guarantee, etc., at an individualized level. The quality of this information may vary, particularly because the data sources are coming from multiple systems and must be consolidated as a step prior to submission to the authorities. According to this, financial institutions must establish quality controls and processes to ensure the homogeneity and consistency of information.

The Capital Requirements Directive IV (DRC IV) and the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), active since March 2014, establish what data credit must communicate the financial institutions to their supervisor and how frequently.


As indicated by the European Central Bank guidelines, supervisors rely on statistical information for all aspects of their daily work. Based on supervisory data, they create risk profiles, analyze the liquidity of credit institutions and, finally, evaluate whether they comply with the legal requirements.

Our value proposal

Better Consultants has a deep know-how and extensive professional practice in the field of regulatory reporting in financial institutions, which allows us to offer our customers a differential service, beyond technology integration.

We install packaged solutions in top rated banks, specifically in the management of various regulatory operations of information and financial statements (CIRBE, SIRBE, FINREP, COREP, FTF, etc.).

Our risk management solutions were adopted by eight large entities, including two IBEX35 banks.

We have recently launched our Collateral Management System platform, which streamlines the processes of capturing, updating and controlling guarantees, in companies managing financial risks.

Financial reporting (FinRep)

The FinRep template is part of the technical execution standards of the European Banking Authority. Entities subject to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) already use the FinRep templates to present financial information in a harmonized format at a consolidated level. This requirement is extended to the credit institutions of the Single Supervisory Mechanism so that they present the information on a sub-consolidated or individual basis in accordance with IFRS and with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Common reporting (CoRep)

The CoRep template is also part of the technical standards of implementation of the EBA that modify the EC Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 680/2014. It is used to collect data from pillar 1 and information on liquidity, leverage and large exposures of credit institutions in a harmonized format. The templates include both consolidated and individual reports.

Analytical credit datasets (AnaCredit)

AnaCredit is the response to the decision of the governing council of the European Central Bank (ECB), which in 2016 approved a new statistical regulation that establishes a common and granular Big Data database. AnaCredit relies on the national risk information centers (CIRBE) and new ones to create a harmonized database to support the various functions of central banking, such as monetary policy decisions and supervision.

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